Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Billon Gains Acceptance to Fintech71 Start-up Accelerator

Billon Group announces it has been accepted into the non-profit Fintech accelerator Fintech71 based in the USA. It is one of ten start-ups selected and one of the few distributed ledger technology companies with proven and live products.

Billon created a breakthrough DLT payment technology for banks, corporates, merchants and individuals that want to settle information and every day (not crypto) currency instantly and on mobile devices. Billon currently operates in Europe, in both Poland in partnership with banks, and in the UK, where it is an FCA registered e-money institution. Billon currently supports PLN, EUR, and GBP payments.

Fintech71 provides an opportunity for Billon to explore dollar (USD) operations in conjunction with banking and regulated partners of Fintech71. Billon's platform integrates with existing banking systems and is regulatory-compliant, so it can provide USD operations and low-cost solutions.

David Putts, Chairman and Managing Director of Expansion, adds: In the US, the fight to eliminate cash and cheque continues, but with Billon's breakthrough banking technology, new digital payment capability can be deployed at a price point where even the smallest transaction can be digitised and made profitable. Fintech71 is the perfect partner to help us raise the visibility of our solution.

Andrzej Horoszczak, Founder & CEO, adds: With clean APIs, a bank can connect Billon's solution in a matter of days, and begin using our existing Corporate Pay out and eCommerce solutions. And as in Poland and the UK, Billon can integrate with ATM's and store networks to facilitate the conversion of cash to digital, encrypted format.

OT-Morpho Unveils New Ultra-compact Fingerprint Capture Terminal

OT-Morpho announces the launch of MorphoTop Slim, its new ultra-compact fingerprint capture product. Breaking with previous generations, it is 6 times smaller than current products, which greatly facilitates its integration into mobile solutions or existing structures.

Based on the TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) technology, this new ultra-thin terminal allows the capture of 10 fingers flat or rolled. Its speed and quality of acquisition are incomparable (capture of the fingers possible in less than two seconds, improved performance for dry fingers, specific finish to avoid traces).

Like its predecessors, MorphoTop Slim integrates into the MorphoESA enrolment solution. It covers several markets and has a wide range of uses: border control, police investigations, mass enrolment or e-KYC1.

MorphoTop Slim is certified FBI IQS Appendix F and will be officially launched at Federal Identity Forum and Expo 2017 (Fed ID), in Washington, DC (12 - 14 September 2017).

Identiv and S+P Samson Partner to Protect Patients with RFID Technology

Identiv, Inc. has partnered with S+P Samson GmbH to produce the latest innovation for surgery instruments and medical devices using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. In working directly with hospitals and Identiv, S+P Samson has developed an extremely thin, small ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID label to stick on stainless steel and plastics, like medical instruments. With a key component, a UHF inlay this label can withstand cleaning, disinfection, or hot steam treatments and continue to track all life-saving tool maintenance parameters that hospitals require.

Every day, in every hospital, thousands of medical instruments have to be sterilized. Identifying these tools by RFID makes it easier for hospitals to keep track of the number of sterilization cycles and to accurately monitor instrument lifetime. The traditional administration of medical instruments required extensive manual labour. With RFID, the storage location, correct maintenance, age, and many other parameters of hospital instruments and devices can now be monitored easily and automatically.

"S+P Samson searched out the right company to connect with to engineer the necessary UHF inlay," said Stephane Ardiley, Identiv Director of Product Management, Credentials. "Identiv is an expert in designing and manufacturing high-frequency (HF) and UHF transponders for embedded use in everyday objects, including medical devices, books, toys, and athletic apparel."

More Malvertising; New Tactics

A new report from RiskIQ reveals that worldwide, malvertising continues to rise. In Q2 2017, RiskIQ scanned 18.65% more advertisements containing a blacklisted incident-phishing, scams, exploit kits, and malware-than Q1, continuing a trend highlighted in their 2016 report, which found a 132% increase in total malvertising in 2016 over 2015.

Malvertising has consistently risen since programmatic advertising gained popularity, but what's interesting is how the type of malvertising fluctuates quarter to quarter. According to RiskIQ detections, the total amount of malware in advertisements decreased by 42.73% from Q1, along with a 24.21% drop in exploit kits. In fact, exploit kits have been on the decline for the entire year.

However, while malware and exploit kits dropped, there was a 131.36% rise in phishing-related advertisements, marking a shift in tactics. Attackers seem to be placing less emphasis on dropping malware on unsuspecting victims and more on tricking them into clicking on deceptive ads that may lead to pages requesting sensitive data. In 2016, RiskIQ saw a massive increase in phishing malvertising, identifying 1,978% more incidents over 2015.

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