Friday, 04 May 2018

DHSC Announces GBP150m Cyber Security Plan in the Wake of NHS Hack

The Government has promised to spend GBP150m on cyber security for the NHS over the next three years.

This announcement follows last year's WannaCry cyber-attack which saw nearly 600 GP practices locked out of their systems and at least 80 NHS trusts affected.

Link: Pulse

ARM Chip Safeguards IoT Physical Security

Connected devices are often associated with network-based attacks that exploit poor security, such as the Mirai botnet, but Williamson said the new physical protections are aimed at making it more difficult and expensive to hack into chips in cases where the attacker has direct access or is in physical proximity.

Link: Silicon UK

Coinsecure Cryptocurrency Exchange Heist Victims to Wait Indefinitely for Refunds

Over $3.6 million worth of the world's leading digital currency was stolen from the firm's crypto wallet, due to alleged negligence on the part of the exchange's ... Since the days of Mt. Gox bitcoin exchange hack, it has been a norm for clients of attacked cryptocurrency trading platforms to get at some form of reimbursement from the attacked exchanges.

Link: BTCManager

Three Hours After Re-Launch, BitGrail Shuts Down Again

Embattled digital currency exchange BitGrail has reportedly suspended operations a mere three hours after re-launching, a move that could signal the death knell for the controversial trading platform.

Link: Hacked

CryptoUK Pressures MPs to Regulate the UK's Digital Currency Industry

In today's correspondence with MPs, the group suggested that they should favour regulation that targets exchanges and other such service providers, rather than the digital currencies themselves.

Link: newsBTC

Reasons Why Digital Currency Has Not Gone Mainstream

In its annual global report on the state of the financial sector, IMF noted that virtual coins represent a maximum of 3 percent of the total market share. Bitcoin, one of the virtual currencies, has been around for 10 years with other digital currencies sprouting over the years but still, the cryptocurrencies have not gone mainstream.

Link: Crypto-lines

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